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Jon Silver   |   Founder & President at TradingPros©

Jon Silver (born Jonathan B. Silva) is an economist and hedge fund manager with a Masters Degree in Economics and Management and a Post-Graduate Degree in Finance. He worked for several years in Central Banks and Large Multinational Corporations in different industries and countries before launching his own hedge fund. Jon started to participate in the World Cup Trading Championships®, where he figured on the top 5 top traders several times while this Global Championship was ongoing during the many years he took part.

A seasoned trader himself, Jon decided to partner up with other successful traders to give you access to the trading strategies, knowledge and experience that brought them real and record-breaking returns.

Some of the previous winners of the World Cup Trading Championships are available as WorldCupAdvisors®, here is more information on some of them:

Larry Williams   |   Advisor at WorldCupAdvisor®

"In a business known for one-hit wonders, Larry Williams has endured, passing the test of time... If there is one person who embodies the mind and the spirit of the individual trader during the entire 40 years existence of futures it probably would be Larry Williams." -- Futures Magazine, November 2012

Larry's long list of best-selling books includes 1982's “How to Prosper in the Coming Good Years,” which accurately forecasted the largest bull market and surge in economic growth in American history. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including Futures Magazine's first Doctor of Futures Award, the Omega Research Lifetime Achievement Award and Traders International 2005 Trader of the Year. The mayor of San Diego declared October 6, 2002 as Larry Williams Day in honor of its local celebrity.

Williams stunned the trading world by running a $10,000 account to $1,147,607 for an astounding 11,376% net return in the 1987 World Cup Championship of Futures Trading®.

Petra Ilona Zacek   |   Advisor at WorldCupAdvisor®

After spending more than 15 years as Managing Director on the trading floors of some of the largest investment banks in the world, Petra retired and moved with her pro-athlete husband to always-sunny Arizona and started trading her own money in 2014.

Petra studied with Larry Williams for three years and gained a deeper knowledge of futures and equity markets. In May 2017 she attended "The Trading Masterclass" organized by multiple former World Cup Champions Michael Cook, Andrea Unger, Kevin Davey and Tim Rea, which served to make her learning curve even steeper.

She won the World Cup Trading Championship of Futures Trading® in 2018 with a 257.9% return.

Andrea Unger   |   Advisor at WorldCupAdvisor®

Unger has established himself as one of Europe’s best traders. He won the futures- trading title in 2005 Top Trader Cup competition, sponsored by LombardReport.com. Unger fulfilled a dream by winning the 2008 World Cup Championship of Futures Trading, which he captured with a 672% net return. Proving it was no fluke, he recorded a 115% return in 2009 to become the first back-to-back winner of the competition in nearly 20 years, and then posted a 240% return in the 2010 World Cup Championship of Futures & Forex Trading to pull off an unprecedented World Cup three-peat. And he was back at the top of the pack two years later, winning the 2012 Q4 futures competition with an 82.8% net return.

"Participation in the World Cup was a way to measure my techniques in the most important contest in the world -- and become the first Italian trader to win the championship," he says.

Andrea is a full-time trader who appreciates the complexities of the markets. "There is no easy money out there," he says. "Markets require discipline and application to be understood. I try to develop methods that apply to the markets. I never try to apply the market to my ideas."

Tim Rea   |   Advisor at WorldCupAdvisor®

Tim Rea is a former World Cup Trading Championship® first place winner. He also placed third in another annual World Cup contest and first in a CME E-mini quarterly competition. In each case, Tim used a purely systematic approach and has been trading systematically for more than 15 years.

Tim took part in several trainings with other former World Cup Trading Champions; Kevin Davey, Michael Cook, Andrea Unger and Kurt Sakaeda. In these trainings, some traders were mentored who went on to win the World Cup - namely Stefano Serafini and Petra Ilona Zacek. What better proof as to one's abilities as the ability to teach others to successfully follow on your footsteps.

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