Financial and Economical Advisory for Corporations and High Net Worth Individuals

TradingPros provides economic, financial and strategic advisory services to corporations and individuals through it's partner company Van der Bruyn Holdings Limited

Van der Bruyn Holdings Limited was founded in 2016 by Jonathan B. Silva, also known as Jon Silver.
Jon has an extensive career in the financial industry, and is regarded by many as an expert on financial markets and economic topics. He was an analyst and supervisor at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, a portfolio and asset manager at hedge funds and investment companies, and he worked as a strategic advisor for several banks, financial companies and multinationals in several industries and geographies. He is also a registered economist with the Order of Economists. He has 3 degrees, a bachelors in Economics, a Masters in Management and a Post graduate degree in Finance.

At VdB Capital Management, Jon is the head of strategy and manages the flagship fund named "Black Swan Hunter" (BSH) Investment Fund which achieved in 2020 its best return since its inception. The strategy developed by Jon was perfectly suited to take advantage of unique and unexpected Black Swan events, such as the global pandemic that hit in 2020.

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The BSH Fund is not open to the public but only to qualified investors who wish to become partners.

VdB also provides advisory services for corporations and individuals.

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(exclusive for clients with a minimum capital above $100.000)

Hedging and Investment Solutions

Unrivaled solutions and customer service for Corporate or Private Individuals

(exclusive for clients with a minimum capital above $100.000)

TradingPros© provides access to Global Exchange Traded Markets through our long-standing relationship with a registered Independent Introducing Broker. We are proud to associate with a management team with decades of brokerage industry experience. Combined we bring a network of International Future Commission Merchants, strategic industry relationships and established infrastructure to offer tailored hedging and speculative investment solutions.

Whether hedging or speculating, we facilitate option and futures trading on Global Exchanges in Currency, Energy, Agriculture, Financial and Metals contracts plus a wide variety of base materials used in manufacturing and food processing.  Further using the OTC (over the counter) market we enable clients to construct hedges that can meet their unique needs more closely than hedges based exclusively on exchange-traded products alone.

Global Support and Services Provided:

  • Access to online trading platforms
  • 24 hour trade desk
  • Timely and accurate reporting of transactions, open positions and end-of-day balances
  • Specialized commission structure to best facilitate every client’s unique requirements
  • Web-based portal access to daily and monthly statements plus real-time activity.

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Hedging and Investment Solutions