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The World Cup Trading Championships is the Gold standard of trading excellence since 1983. Many legendary traders participated in this championship where they put real money on the line to test their trading skills during one year. At the end of the championship the top traders with the best returns on their accounts are crowned the best traders in the world, among all those who participated.

Those who make it to the leaderboard are considered to have unique skills that set them apart from their competition. The founder of TradingPros.club, Jon Silver, disputed the top 5 positions for best trader in the world during several consecutive years.

He shares his vast experience in the championship and guides those who wish to enroll.

If you are interested in proving your trading skills and potentially becoming one of the Top Traders in this global challenge by winning the World Cup Trading Championships®, you can enroll in the championship today !

Jon will be your coach, right at your side, so that you can improve your odds when competing in the championship.

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