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  1. TradingPros free content
  2. Market tips and strategies from top traders (valued at €2.200)
  3. Access to top traders and Autotrade (valued at €200)
  4. Market and chart analysis with no delays (valued at (€5.200)
  5. Exclusive & premium content (valued at €3.200)
  6. Live Masterclasses and Q&A (valued at €400 per Masterclass)
  7. Analysis of top traders strategies, positions and trades (valued at €2.700)
  8. Complete trading and investment strategy course + Certificate (valued at €1.200)
  9. Ticket to the live Annual TradingPros Event to be announced soon (valued at €1.200)
  10. 1x one-on-one mentorship session with Jon himself
  11. BONUS #1 Ebook "How I traded through a black swan event to achieve Extraordinary Returns in Extraordinary Times"
  12. BONUS #2 Ebook "How the financial and economic system really works"
  13. BONUS #3 2x Early bird 50% vouchers for the live Annual TradingPros Event (online or in person)
  14. BONUS #4 "Jon’s Best Trades Report" with the exact charts, strategies and positions Jon used
  15. BONUS #5 Waiting list to receive 1.000 VDB Coins (ValuableDigitalBit Coins) - If launched

Extra bonus: We will guide you if you wish to enroll in the World Cup Trading Championships !

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